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I worked as a choir leader for 'Rock Choir' for 8 years from 2013-2021. Highlights included:


  • Taking the choir members to sing outside the Notre Dame and in Disneyland, Paris

  • Singing on the One Show

  • Sell out concerts in Canterbury

  • Conducting the choir for Russell Watson at the Marlowe Theatre

  • Taking the choir to record at Abbey Road Studios

  • Performing live on Radio 2 at Wogan House

  • Performing at the Proms in the Park 2 years running.

I am currently running a 'Some Voices' choir in Clifton, Bristol at the Alma Church on Monday Evenings. Click HERE to join. 


For choral projects and workshops, which I’m happy to facilitate, please use the 'contact' form at the bottom of the 'lessons' page. 

Picture credit: @Marianne Harris

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